About Dr. Jeanne

I spent much of my 30-year career consulting and training in many corporate workspaces, and the one thing that stood out to me was the lack of women in leadership positions. As an advocate for women leaders, God led me to use my skills to help women develop a pathway to leadership that honors their authentic selves while being successful.

My vision is for emerging and existing women leaders to lead with impact and make a difference in the world. When women align their unique giftedness in service to the needs of others, they find their leadership purpose, and they can thrive.

It is time for us to step into our greatness!

About Dr. Jeanne Porter King

Dr. Jeanne Porter King is an author, business leader, inspirational teacher and speaker, ministry leader, and board-certified coach. She brings her engaging style to audiences and draws on her faith and experiences in the marketplace and ministry to help her audiences connect to their purpose, authentic identity, and the power of leading from within. Dr. Jeanne shares inspiring messages that are both informative and transformative.

Dr. Jeanne is the Founder and President of TransPorter Group Inc, a consulting practice specializing in leadership development, and diversity, equity and inclusion strategy and training. Dr. Jeanne has developed global leadership programs and has trained and coached leaders in twenty different countries. She is passionate about coaching and developing existing and emerging leaders to be their best and reach their highest aspirations!

Dr. Jeanne received both Bachelor and Master of Science degrees from The Ohio State University, a Master of Arts in Theological Studies from McCormick Theological Seminary, and a Doctor of Philosophy in Organizational Communication from Ohio University. She has over 30 years of consulting and training experience in various industries, including manufacturing, telecommunications, financial services, community groups, governmental agencies, churches, and other faith-based institutions.

With a transparent, authentic and genuine concern for others to grow and develop, Dr. Jeanne has dedicated her 30-year career to helping women tap into their purpose and identity.

Dr. Jeanne is married to Dr. Carl E. King, Sr., Pastor of Christ Community Church in South Holland, IL. She also serves as the executive pastor, leading in her areas of passion: women’s ministry, leadership development, and new ministers’ training.