About My New Book

A few years ago, while caring for my elderly mother, I learned that caregiving is a distinct type of leadership.

Those who take on the mantle of caregiver for a family member or friend step into a role that requires leading a care process for loved ones who can no longer independently care for themselves. In addition to working in or running businesses, leading ministries at church, and serving in our communities, we routinely choose to care for loved ones in need. Caring for others is what we do.

Yet, I know and experienced that caregivers must also care for ourselves. I learned that self-care must be “wholistic”–for our spirit, soul, and body.

I wrote Caring Well: 90 Self-Care Devotions for the African American Caregiver to support caregivers like you and me, as caregiving for others is a core value of women in our culture. We take care of others within our families and communities. Yet I know men and women of all races who provide care for loved ones. Regardless of your circumstances or background, as a caregiver, you will benefit from this book as you learn to navigate between your caregiving role and taking care of yourself.
If you are a former, current, or potential caregiver, this book will provide you with inspiration, wisdom, and practical tools to care well. Caring well is about caring for ourselves while continuing to care for others.

With her caring spirit, life-tested wisdom, and loving guidance, Dr. Jeanne delivers another God-blessed collection of reflections to inspire African American women to slow down long enough to care for ourselves while caring for the many others in our busy, challenging lives. As she sees us and leads us, Dr. Jeanne leaves us with a bounty of spiritual and practical hope and help for our caregiving seasons. It’s a beautiful gift for others, but first to ourselves.

— Patricia Raybon, a contributing writer at Our Daily Bread and the award-winning author of the Annalee Spain Mysteries, and God Is Our Help: Our Daily Bread Reflections or Living With His Love and Strength

A Word from Me About Caring Well

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Praise for Caring Well from Fellow Caregivers

Dr. Antoinette G. Alvarado, CEO of Targeted Living Coaching & Consulting, LLC and Founder of Harmonize Your Life Women’s Self-Care Network

“Caring Well, is a vital source of encouragement and wisdom for caregivers. Her ability to weave personal caregiving stories with scriptures provides space for Dr. Jeanne and God to walk with us on the caregiver journey. The Caring Well 90-Day Devotional gives us practical ways to prioritize the care of our mind, body, spirit, and soul, overcome the guilt of self-care, and accentuate our well-being as we care for others.

Dr. Julie Welborn, Associate Pastor, LaSalle Street Church Perfect Peace Consulting, LLC.

“As a Caregiver, retreat consultant, pastor, daughter, aunt, and friend wearing many hats, I found this book not only life-giving, but an opportunity to care for myself. Each devotion – each story – each scripture – each reflection anchored me – and allowed me to inventory my life – giving me an opportunity to exhale and remember who I am apart from the roles and responsibilities that I have. The bite sized devotions were just enough for me to chew on and digest and helped start my day with the fuel needed to execute efficiently.”

Pamela Dykes Ph.D., Communication Professor, Professional Coach and Author

“Caring Well is a masterpiece providing devotions that address caregiving from multiple perspectives Jeanne addresses burnout, caregiving fatigue, and the grieving process of caring for the person who initially cared for you. Caregiving can often feel very lonely at times but Caring Well showed me that I am not alone on this journey and provided me with scripture and tools to guide me along the way. I highly recommend this devotional.”

Sheila Agnew McCoy, Fitness and Aging Lifestyle Coach, Author, Speaker

“Caring Well is not only a compassionate guide for those navigating the demands of caregiving but also as a profound spiritual companion. As a caregiver for my mom, I found solace and strength in its pages, which gave me a beacon of hope as I merged through the complexities of emotional and physical caregiving demands. “Caring Well” emphasizes the importance of self-care, urging caregivers to be intentional about maintaining their own spiritual and physical well-being. The emphasis on prayer specifically, “Godward” prayer, serves as a reminder of the power of turning to God in times of need, not only for the person being cared for but also the caregiver themselves.”

Patricia Jones Blessman, PhD, Licensed Clinical Psychologist

“Bold enough to speak some unspoken truths about caregiving that caregivers dare not utter. Caring Well provides caregivers the tools to get beyond those crucible moments and provides the means to forge an enlightened path towards seeing the gift, the blessing and perhaps the joy in the testing of the spirit that comes with choosing to give of self to another. Caring Well is also a roadmap and a reminder to care and love for one’s self deeply during their caregiving odyssey.”

Claudette Roper, Interdisciplinary Artist & Media Consultant, Adjunct Professor, Columbia College Chicago

“Caring Well addresses cultural attributes of African American Christians who are tending to their loved ones. It centers caregiving as a calling, with a need for those on the frontline to make caring for themselves a spiritual practice. Challenging, real, heartwarming, and nuanced, each devotion is designed for reflection – encouraging an intentional path of self-care and well-being. Regardless of where you are on this God-driven journey, this book is a valuable tool.”

Yolanda Y. Harris, former caregiver for her grandmother

“Caring Well offers a transparent, candid account of the highs and lows of caregiving as well as wise, godly guidance on how to manage your emotional, mental, spiritual and physical well-being during the caregiving journey. Reading the devotions makes you feel like you’re in a support group led by an affirming coach. I wish that I had a book like this when I was caring for my grandmother. The spiritual and practical guidance offered throughout “Caring Well” is life-giving and a great source of encouragement, whether you’re caregiving or just in need of improving your emotional, mental, spiritual and physical well-being during challenging periods in your life.”

Sanreka Watley, aka Phoebe London, Author: Sam and Uncle Joe: Learning to Serve and Protect

“A delightful guide, provoking reflection for those of us who desire to stay strengthened in our caregiving journey. The book exonerates caregivers who feel guilty for the challenges they face and offers encouragement and hope. I and fellow caregivers to Super Agers, now have a devotional guide that reminds us that we are never alone!”