Aunt Jeanne & the Nieces: Closing Out Our Anti-racism Series

In our summer anti-racism series we aimed to introduce you to books and videos on race and racism. Many believe, and I concur, we are in the midst of a “racial reckoning” in this country.

To reckon with the racialized reality of this country you have to know the truth of our history and its impact on us today. Our series featured books and videos that highlighted that history as well as shared some perspectives about the lingering effects of that history and what we can do to change things, namely, to strive to not be “not racist,” but to be anti-racist. To be anti-racist is to intentionally and actively fight against racism at all levels and work toward equitable, inclusive institutions and organizations. In fact, as women of color, who live at the intersections of multiple biases, to reckon with this racialized reality is to also call out misogynoir, a virulent strand of misogyny or hate and bias targeted toward Black women.

What I’m particularly elated about with respect to this series is that young Black women, (two high schoolers, a college junior, and a 20-something professional), wrote the articles and shared their perspectives. I’m particularly proud that these young women of color are my nieces, and that I have provided them a platform on which to lift their voices.

Voice for women, especially women of color, is crucial, especially at this time. The sooner you recognize your authentic identity, the sooner you learn to crystallize your perspective on issues, and the sooner you come to trust your gut, women, the better you will be in leading. The world needs you to lead with authenticity, with grace, with grit, with empathy, with confidence, and with conviction. This site is dedicated to inspiring the leader that is within you. Hopefully, you who followed us this summer, saw an example of inspiring, even calling forth, the leader within each of these young women.

Thank you, Kristen, Kiandria, Kayla and Taylor for making this summer series an enriching experience!

To close out our series, I brought the writers together in a video chat to reflect on the experiences and lessons learned. Unfortunately, Kayla could not join us (she’s a busy activist and aspiring videographer in demand).

Here’s the video link. Listen to the voices of these young Black women and commit to actively work for equality and equity in your corner of the world.

The world needs the leadership that only you can bring! Be that leader that influences and brings about real change.

~Dr Jeanne


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