Dr. Jeanne featured in CBE Blog–How To Deal With Sexism in Your Church

I provide articles and resources on this site for informing and transforming existing and emerging women leaders!  A number of you who follow this blog are active in your faith communities. To that end, I wrote a piece for CBE – a gender justice organization.  I wanted to share it with you and encourage you to check them out.



Not long ago, I served on an advisory board for a Christian organization. After a morning of listening to departmental reviews from operational staff, I shared my opinion on the notable differences in the last two presentations with a fellow male board member.

Sally, I’ll call her, gave a warm interpersonal overview of her journey into her new role and department yet did not provide us with much vision for where she planned to take the department. On the other hand, George, a young male director, provided clear vision for where he wanted to take the department and gave his perspective on what the CEO and founding chair needed to do differently.

The two presentations were starkly different. I wondered: Was it gender? Was it an issue of the confidence? Was it a style difference? Was it a difference in experience level?

My board colleague, a Gen X pastor, chalked the difference up to divine destiny. He noted: “Well, it’s no surprise to me that she couldn’t articulate her vision, because God, after all, made men to be the visionaries.”

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