Kickin’ It with Kiki: GIT’ing it Together

This week I’ll be discussing a program I’ve recently attended for the past month called G.I.T—Get it Together. The program is designed to  mentor young adults like myself.  The program is designed for young adults ages 18-29 that have graduated high school and are either in college or joined the work force. I feel that I learned a lot from attending these sessions.

As a young adult, I don’t really know what to expect after college. With me going into my senior year of college, when I think of walking across the stage next spring, it makes me both excited and terrified. This is mostly because I’m not sure of what I should expect  after college? So, for instance, my goal is to work for a major studio writing television shows. What better place to do that than in southern California–L.A. to be more specific. But the question for me isn’t so much what I wan to do but how do I get there.

And that’s where G.I.T. came in to help me start thinking about how.

The G.I.T program helped me to better understand what to expect after college both career wise and life wise. It was focused on 4 major keys to success. The first session was about really coming to know who I am and what I stand for. When I am clear on my purpose I will be able to build my professional brand from the “inside-out!”  The nest session was about goal setting and visioning our future. The next session was very practical with tips on how to build a resume, and tips on surviving job interviews. The final session was on and money management.

After being a part of G.I.T. I feel that I’ve learned a lot of important information regarding post-college life. Especially referring to the lesson about money management! Everyone who knows me knows that I love to shop! So learning how to manage my money was a very good lesson for me to learn! Let’s not get it twisted though, I’m still going to shop! It’ll just be more wisely now :)!

Overall, I feel the program was a big success! I feel that I walked away with a better sense of life after college. I am very appreciative of the women who took the time to educate us on the topic and I am very grateful to Christ Community Church for putting together a great program!


  1. Bruce

    Fantastic Read!!

  2. Gwen

    Very good.

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