Sowing Seeds of Hope

These are indeed critical and challenging times. But I believe together we can get through them by the grace of God!

For instance, I heard on the news last night that many seamstresses and designers are sowing masks to help with the shortages of masks for health care and front line responders in this COVID19 pandemic.

I prayed about what more I could do. I heard: I cannot sew masks, but I can sow seeds of hope.

As a minister, Board Certified Coach and consultant, I am blessed to use my training and coaching to bring emerging and existing women leaders together to learn new skills, build self awareness and grow personally.
Now is the time, more than ever before, that we must not lose hope, we must remain connected and we must live and lead by our core values. 
To that end, I have launched the WELL Women Series through Facebook Live.  This series includes mini training segments to help you maintain a positive mindset, develop leadership and influence skills and maintain a hopeful spirit!

Join me each Wednesday at Noon (CST) on Facebook Live  for my new series, “Well Women: Staying Uplifted During Critical Times.” 

Our first session was today and was entitled: Be Proactive: Learning to Let Go of What You Can’t Control and Embracing What You Can.

You can view the session below.

Here’s the file you may download to access the Power Point PDF:

In the video and in the file, there are two coaching tools and an action planning chart for you to complete. Have fun.

Finally, so that you may easily access these vlogs, please
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So there you have it! Our first installment of the WELL Women Series!

Let’s sow seeds of hope together!

Jeanne Porter King, (Dr J)


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