The Confidence To Lead for Women of Faith

This first Monday of the year is an excellent time to start working on your goals for this year! Today is a great day to start a personal or professional development program aimed at building your confidence.

My team and I have designed a program just for you!

The Confidence to Lead for Women of Faith is a six-part video series. In this series I will

  • Define the confidence to lead
  • Show you how your self-confidence is related to your God-confidence
  • Provide you with a self-assessment of your confidence
  • Give you important confidence boosters
  • Share with you key confidence busters
  • Provide you with strategies for taking action to build your confidence

Starting today and for the next 5 Mondays, I will drop a new module.  Today’s module, Defining the Confidence to Lead, gets you started.

Each module is less than 15 minutes in length. The content is actionable and accessible! Get your pen and paper or note taking device because you’ll want to take notes on each module. 

You can find the series on my Instagram page @drjeanneporterking.

So, let me tell you a little bit about this first module:

My objective in this first module is to define the confidence to lead, specifically for women of faith. I also want to show you why it’s important. Too often the world gives us messages that makes some of us down-play our strengths. That’s not how I believe God wants us to live or lead.

Whether you lead in the marketplace or in ministry, you need the confidence to lead wherever you are called to do so!

Most importantly, join me in this informative and transformative series! Don’t forget to follow me on Instagram and hit the notifications bell to be notified of new videos.

And after you’ve completed the first module, check out other resources I’ve developed to inspire the leader in every woman!

Now, Let’s make this a great year! Let’s go!

~Dr Jeanne


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