The Greatest Wireless Connection

by | Jan 12, 2024 | Leadership

Less than 20 years ago, going about your day and checking voicemails when you got home was common. There was no social media to give you an instant look into people’s lives.  We weren’t so instantly reachable. But today’s world is all about instant connection. Even on a grocery store run, we find ourselves headed back home if we forget our cell phones.

Instant connection has become a way of life.

I lost my cell phone while attending the Harmonize Your Life  Women’s Selfcare retreat with Dr. Toni Alvarado in Montego Bay, Jamaica. After numerous attempts to reach the global hotline for my wireless carrier, I finally made contact, and the customer care rep marked the phone as lost, and the cellular service was disconnected.

The next morning, a resort security team member called my room and told me they had found my phone!  I retrieved it. Now came the daunting task of reaching the service provider and getting the cellular service reinstated.  After several attempts calling using a friend’s cell phone and logging on to the site, I could not reach this carrier. 

In this age of technology, most of us don’t realize how dependent on our devices we’ve become until we don’t have access to them. When on resort property, I could use the phone to take pictures or connect to WIFI and use WIFI-based apps such as FaceTime and WhatsApp. But once I left, I would not have access to cellular service or consistent WIFI coverage. Even after spending most of my life without a cell phone, I had to resist going into a state of mild panic for not having instant connectivity. 

Weather Alert or Prayer Alert

During the time I was trying to get cellular service reinstated, I periodically checked the airline app. They had sent a travel alert that we could experience disruptions to our flight due to weather affecting the Midwest. 

When you see an alert highlighted in red, it can also cause you to go into worry. It’s during that time, especially, that prayer can allay the worry and focus you on moving forward by faith. Prayer can quiet the anxious voices in your head that conjure up worst-case scenarios. Prayer can position you into a place to hear the still, small voice of the Spirit assuring you of God’s grace to move forward.

Prayer is instant connectivity with God.

As I closed the phone from reading the airline’s alert, I noticed a text had come through. One praying woman from my church texted and told me she was praying for my safe travels home. You see, prayer enables you to enter into the realm of the Spirit, where other prayer warriors pick up what’s going on! I texted her the specific prayer request: “Scheduled to leave this afternoon. There are travel alerts due to weather. Praying for no flight disruptions and safe passage home to Chicago in Jesus’ name!” I texted my husband this same request to share with our church’s Monday Morning Men’s prayer group and then texted my prayer partner! 

You see, although these people weren’t with me physically, God still heard them on my behalf. We don’t have to worry about calls dropping due to bad service or worry about long-distance charges. Connectivity with God remains consistent and unchanging. 

Prayer is the greatest wireless connection!

Listen! I may not have had cellular coverage, but I had another wireless service called Prayer! I kept thinking of the irony of my inability to reach my cellular phone provider and thought about a t-shirt one of the sisters of my church had given me years ago that read: “Prayer: the Greatest Wireless Connection!” 

We prayed our flight was not delayed, and it wasn’t! We missed the storm. I got through customs with no incidents when I landed and eventually connected with my driver.

As we start this New year, remember that our plans can go awry.  Our devices fail us, and even the companies fail us! But one thing is certain: God will not fail. And prayer is our direct connection to God and a weapon to thwart the enemy’s plans. 

Yes, I made it home with no cell phone coverage, but the love & protection of the Lord covered me! My devotional read that morning came from Luke 1:37 and included the following prayer:

“Guide my steps today to reflect this trust in You, living out a faith that is as bold as Your promises are true. In all I do, let me be a witness to the fact that with You, everything is possible.”

Readers, my prayer for this year: May our faith be as bold as God’s promises are true! May we experience such great possibilities that come with bold faith in God’s promises.

In what situation do you need to activate your wireless prayer connection? What are the promises of God that you can stand on as you start this year? Search them out and hold fast to them.

Let’s make this a great year of strong praying and bold faith!


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