The Hope of Holy Week Playlist

This is Holy week, the week leading to Resurrection Sunday. My Facebook friends joined me on Wednesday of this week to look at how the songs of this holy season help to inspire hope within us during this pandemic. Then they helped me build our Holy Week playlist. I received 36 suggestions to add to the ones I offered in the Vlog!

First here’s a reminder of why these songs are important:

  1. They remind us of the path that Jesus walked.
  2. They affirm the love of God for us.
  3. They reinforce the truth of Scripture as it relates to atonement theology.
  4. They keep the tension of death and life before us.
  5. They help keep us from rushing to Sunday’s resurrection without adequate reflection on our own Gethsemane and cross seasons.

Now here’s the Hope of Holy Week playlist with some fav lyrics included:

For those that missed the FB Live broadcast, here’s the link for you to join in on the fun.


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