A Fresh Look at Vision Boards

Are you dreaming of starting a new business? How about going back to school? Perhaps you are about to retire and wondering what is next on the horizon for you. I would recommend you take the time to clarify your vision. Creating a vision board may be the tool to help you do just that!

Last weekend I participated in a vision board workshop offered at my church. Before you judge this as overly religious for business leaders or as too “new agey” for ministry leaders, hear me out. Not only was the workshop creative and inspiring, it gave me an opportunity to crystallize a vision around a specific project. And further, it gave me an opportunity to connect with 15 or so other women aging from 18 to 60ish around the power and possibilities of our dreams!

Some research suggests that vision boards may not work. In essence what they found was that: Visualizing without acting does not lead to achieving.

[tweetthis]Visualizing without acting does not lead to achieving. [/tweetthis]

That makes sense to me. I was taught that faith (envisioning) without works (actions to back up the vision) is dead.

Why Vision Boards Can Be Effective

After having experienced a vision board workshop, here are 5 reasons I have found that they can work for you.

The vision board process helps you clarify your vision. You may have a fuzzy sense of some things you want to accomplish. But it’s vague. You need to spend some time clarifying your vision. The clearer you are, the more likely you will move toward that vision. Use a vision board to clarify that to which you aspire or dream. Here one of our participants used her board to clarify he own personal vision of life, and the other is starting to envision retirement!



The vision board process helps you organize your thoughts and ideas around a purpose. My vision board was related to a new book I am working on. This process helped me clarify my audience in visual terms. I had written about my audience in my book proposal, but gathering pictures helped me begin to really see my audience and imagine writing to them. Use a vision board to organize your ideas. One of our workshop members organized her vision board around hopes she has for her family.

CCC Vision Board-Doc

The vision board will help you focus on one theme. How many of you have let your dreams and visions fade because you were juggling too many things? Lack of focus will kill any dream. Keeping the vision board before you will help you prioritize that vision amidst so many other demands. I keep my vision board for this new book in my office. I will not let other demands crowd out this vision. Let your vision board become a focus board. Our workshop leader has started a new business and her vision board is helping her focus on her desserts business. Her last name is Moore and her vision is  to provide customers with more sweets!

CCC VisionBoard-Valenica

The vision board workshop provided a supportive environment. We had some inspirational music on. Some studies found that playing music helped kids’ process language. I can’t help but think music helps us older folks also. Vision is about being able to language your dreams. Plus the other women in the workshop were so affirming of each other. Some shared quotes from their magazines with others. At the end we cheered each other on.


The vision board serves as a launch pad for further action. Once I organized my ideas and crystallized my images, I knew the next step was to act on the ideas I set forth in my vision board. I set some new goals and refined some others. After you create your vision board, write down your next steps and set at least 3-5 goals for you to achieve within the next 3 months.

Perhaps this is what separates people who realize their visions from those who don’t – you can’t just wait for the things you desire to come to you, you must strategically act upon your vision.

[tweetthis]You can’t just wait for the things you desire to come to you, you must strategically act upon your vision.[/tweetthis]

And yes, opportunities will come your way. Some may take you off track. As you are clear on your vision, you will be clear on which opportunities to take and which to pass on. Remember, when the door of opportunity opens, you must be prepared to walk through the door with confidence. A vision helps you know which doors to walk through and which to walk by.


[tweetthis]A vision helps you know which doors to walk through and which to walk by.[/tweetthis]

From Invisible to Visible

Anything that we see now in the physical realm started in the invisible realm of ideas, aspirations and dreams. That’s what vision is. It’s the ability to see something that doesn’t yet exist. It’s the ability to see what is possible.

  • The vision for a new product or service is nothing more that the ability to see a solution for a problem or need that others have.
  • A vision for a new book is the ability to see the big idea for an issue that others face and you have the message to address those issues—in a readable, engaging way.
  • A vision for a new business is the ability to see you organizing around providing service for people.

Move Forward

To realize your vision you have to move from attraction to activation. If you stare at your board each day and do nothing more, you will most likely miss out. Instead, let the board be a visual reminder of the thing(s) you dream of and then move forward in action.

And yes, there is a spiritual component to activating your vision. There is a spiritual component to making the invisible visible. It’s called faith. Some will call it your belief system. Others will name it your mindset. The key is you have to believe what you envision is possible and for you to achieve.

I always start with searching my heart for those desires the Spirit has placed within me. Those dreams and desires are those I am more destined to fulfill. I can then be confident that I am moving forward along my destined path.

Well I am off to work on my #1 goal for this week: refine my book proposal. Remember, a vision with no action leads to no achievement!

move forward


© 2016 Dr Jeanne

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  1. Valencia

    Loved this blog! Write the vision. and make it plain!!!!

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