Flower In Bloom: The Blooming Process

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Maya L. Smith, MSW

“The Day You Plant The Seed Is Not The Day You Eat The Fruit. The Soil Needs Tending. Let God Work.” ~Unknown

We go through various seasons of our lives where we are preparing, evolving, and transforming. This “blooming” process in our lives is very similar to that of a flower. Each stage is equally important to us becoming the person that God wants us to be.

The blooming of a flower is an intricate process. The entire process encompasses five stages which occur over several weeks. Let’s examine the flower and see what we can learn about our own growth and development.  

Stage 1

During stage one, a flower begins as a seed and the roots start to form. Planting the seed is the first step to growth. As we seek to develop our spiritual fortitude, we must first plant the “seed”. Seeds have hard outer layers which protect the inside. Under optimum conditions, the seed breaks open and forms into a seedling. The seed is symbolic of our faith. Our faith is the foundation of what we want to continue to develop as we see our blessings come to fruition.

Stage 2

During stage two, the seedling process begins. Seedlings are very delicate. A seedling is the first sign of life that sprouts from the ground. This stage is strenuous and takes time. In order to thrive, seedlings require air and light. The seedling process can be one of the most difficult parts as it requires tremendous patience. This is where God is working in ways that we may not see. We are at the beginning stages and unsure of how things will turn out. However, God is laying the groundwork for us to become the best version of ourselves!

Stage 3

During stage three, leaves & stems are formed from seedlings. The stem thickens, the leaves grow taller and the roots spread. This stage is known as the transitioning phase. As we transition in life, we begin to break old patterns and form new ones which add to our growth. Although we make mistakes along the way, we can learn from our mistakes to progress into the next phase of our lives. We begin to notice progress but may become frustrated if it’s not at the state we desire. As we continue to grow we may start to see our blooming season in sight.

This is a season where God is truly building our strength and tenacity. As we transform into the person that God wants us to be, we can encounter some loss. This can involve the loss of long-time friendships, jobs, or even a place we have called home. Know that even though this is a tough season, God is working in your favor. 

Stage 4

During stage four, flower buds start to form. This is a season where you are truly starting to see the results of your trials. You have learned your lessons and navigated the tough transitions throughout your life. At this stage, it’s easy to give up or call it quits, because you are so close to your breakthrough without even realizing it. Know that it is important to stay the course during this phase. You are so close to your blessing!

Stage 5

During stage five, the flower has finally bloomed! The roots have grown deeper in the ground to keep the flower stable throughout the seasons. This stage is liberation. The long-awaited time has come for you to enjoy the fruits of your labor. This is where you come into your “winning” season. You have acquired a lesson throughout each stage which has propelled you into the next stage. The experience and tools you learned along the way will allow you to become the best version of yourself.

Weeds: Taking the good with the bad

Blooming is a beautiful process but just like life, the process encounters some challenges. In any beautiful garden of flowers, there are weeds, which are undesirable plants that grow with flowers. The purpose of weeds is to steal valuable nutrients, light, and water supply that is used to nourish flowers. It’s important to be aware of weeds in the garden which can quickly grow in large quantities over a short period of time.

The weeds in our life can come in the form of both external forces and self-sabotage. It can be the friend from childhood you know you’ve outgrown but are holding onto, old patterns we need to break, and even our own negative mindset. As with flowers, weeds can drain our energy and hinder our ability to bloom. Weeds can also look like comfort! The easier route is to simply deal with them and stick to what we know. The truth is, getting rid of weeds is essential to our growth. God is reminding us that we are destined not just to grow, but bloom.

Honoring the blooming process in our personal lives

  • Cultivate spaces that nurture your growth
    • As you grow and develop, you will become aware of which aspects nourish your wellbeing. As you acquire more wisdom, you will realize the importance of focusing on aspects of your life that support and nourish your progression. Whether it’s engaging in exercise, meditation, journaling, or prayer, these practices will provide a safe space that supports your development. Nurturing these aspects as daily habits in your life will be transformational for your growth. 
  • Trust the blooming process
    • It can be scary to trust the blooming process without knowing the end result. Throughout our seasons, we will encounter trials and tribulations which will test our faith. However, faith requires us to trust in that which we cannot see. Our faith is the building block for our blessings. Trust that God will work everything in your favor!
  • Develop optimum conditions for thriving
    • For a flower to bloom successfully, it requires optimum conditions. Sunlight, water, nutrients, and space to grow each nurture the overall growth of the flower. Unfavorable conditions can impede that growth. The same is true for us. To shift from surviving to thriving, we should place ourselves in the best conditions to enhance our growth.

Every day we are planting seeds in our garden that will produce a harvest. A garden is full of a diverse array of flowers; each is uniquely beautiful in and of itself. None have to compete with the other flowers. Each stands in its own beauty. Together they all make a beautiful garden. Our lives should represent a beautiful garden constantly in bloom. Growing, evolving as the seasons of our life change. In order to bloom, we must consciously be aware of our growth throughout the various seasons we encounter. Diligence and consistency will allow us to reap the benefits of our labor. 

This concludes our 3-part Metamorphosis: Resilience, Surrender, Bloom series. Read the series any time at https://www.drjeanneporterking.com/blog.



    Amazing!! Excellent analogy of the flower blooming process which is similar to the various growth stages in our lives. I love Stage 3, the “transitioning” phase where God is strengthening us into the people He wants us to be, and gives us favor! I also enjoyed Stage 5 of course, “the flower has finally bloomed” and we come into our “winning season”! Yes indeed, our winning season is here.

    Keep being inspired to write Maya! We have truly been blessed. Amazing blog series.

    Love, Mom 🙂

  2. Wilma Holman

    Maya, this was awesome and timely for me….thank you so much.

    I especially appreciate these two words DILIGENCE and CONSISTENCY……never giving up if you know in my heart that it is part of God’s plan!

    Keep up the great work you are doing! God has great plans for you🙏🏾!!!


  3. Kayla

    thoroughly enjoyed reading this series! the lessons and experience you shared was phenomenal. Hope to see another series soon!

  4. Corinne J.

    This series was very timely during this season of my journey. This really hit home for us as we’re navigating our grueling 20’s & learning those tough lessons which will impact our future.
    Can we expect another series from Maya?!

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